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As a focal point, a fireplace can set the tone for the whole aesthetic and style of a room. Rough brick or stone can give the space a rustic feel, while smooth tile can be used to set a modern tone.

Whatever your personal style, Priddy can work with you to design a solution that fits your living environment.

Glass Door for Fireplaces Installation Services

Fireplace doors are an accessory that not only adds to the aesthetic of your fireplace but once installed also serves a very functional purpose by increasing the efficiency and safety of your fireplace.

Installing a fireplace glass door will reduce fireplace clean up and increase safety – Once installed a door will contain ash, cinders and other fireplace debris and protect fireplace surroundings. The fireplace glass doors have a built-in screen which will protect your flammable furnishing from flying embers and floating ash.
Fireplace glass door installations add style to your fireplace – Priddy chimney sweeps offers doors in a variety of finishes and style from modern to traditional, Priddy has a door for you. Finishes are available in gunmetal, black (matte and gloss finish) and bronze.

Mantels and Built-In Fireplaces

Instead of a full fireplace installation, upgrading your fireplace mantel is another way to easily enhance the look of your fireplace, making it the focal point in your living space. Mantels come in a wide range of designs and finishes. No matter your style, we can find and install a mantel to fit the aesthetic of your fireplace. We can also help you design and install attractive fireplace surrounds and hearth extensions.

New Factory-Built Wood & Gas Fireplaces

If your existing fireplace unit is damaged and in need of a new fireplace installation, Priddy Chimney Solutions can furnish and do the installation of a new factory-built fireplace and ventilation system. The typical service life of a factory-built fireplace is 20-25 years, depending on climate, usage, and installation quality. During that span, these fireplaces can deteriorate due to water intrusion, repeated exposure to high heat, or mechanical damage if there is not proper maintenance. If your fireplace is showing rust or the vent pipe is disconnected or damaged, the unit must replaced. Contact us for a complete diagnostic and options surrounding a new factory built fireplace installation

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Gas Fireplace Conversion Services

Thinking of converting your wood burning fireplace to gas? No problem, Priddy Chimney Solutions can help each step of the way, from gas log or unit selection to installation. Natural gas fireplaces have many advantages, including constant heat, no sparks, no soot particles and easy operation. There are many options to choose from when converting to a gas fireplace. Reach out to us for a complete overview.

Wood Burning Inserts and Stoves

Installing a wood stove is a great way to increase the efficiency of your fireplace and, correspondingly, the amount of heat radiating back into the room. A wood burning fireplace insert upgrades the appearance and functionality of your fireplace, allowing you to use it as a reliable, alternative heating source. With the right inserts, you can easily heat a large living space and go hours without having to add extra fuel to the fire.