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Photos Needed for Easy Assessment

Don’t forget to turn your phone camera’s flash on. 

1. Fireplace

A picture of the fireplace, standing back a few feet so that we can see where it is placed in the room and its positioning on the wall. 

Make sure you capture the hearth, smoke stains (if any), doors, lintel above the fireplace opening, etc.

fireplace-and mantle

2. Firebox

Close-ups of the firebox walls, including the sides, back, and floor. 

Capture any cracks, missing mortar, or moisture spots.


3. Chimney Flue

If you can, a picture up through the open damper at the top of the firebox. 

This should capture the flue. 

You may need a flashlight or to manually turn on your phone’s / camera’s flash. 


4. Chimney Exterior

An exterior shot of the entire chimney that allows us to see the full structure, as well as its placement on the side of the house.


5. Chimney Close-Up

A close-up shot zoomed to show the top portion of the chimney. 

Capture the flue extensions, any caps, and the top rows of brick.


Other Masonry Needs

If you have other masonry needs, e.g. retaining walls, walkways, or patios, capture the areas of concern. 

Get close-up pictures of any cracks, missing mortar, stains, moss, etc, then take a few steps back and grab a picture or two showing the location, placement, and size of the structure needing attention.  


Get an Easy Assessment

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Customer Reviews of our Chimney Services

Jerry Watkins
Jerry Watkins
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Today, Priddy Clean Chimney Services came to do a chimney cleaning. In 2011, they installed a stainless steel liner in our chimney and we hadn't a cleaning since then. They showed up on time and did a great job. The chimney liner didn't have much of a build-up and there was no creosote. The found a piece of flashing around the chimney base that had come loose on the roof, secured and sealed it for no additional charge.

Andrey was the primary person I spoke with and was very knowledgeable. I couldn't be be more happy with this kind of service.
Cyrus B
Cyrus B
Local Guide
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Highly recommend. The lady I originally spoke to when setting the appointment (Hind) called me afterwards to check on why the inspector and I weren’t able to connect. After explaining the situation she offered to send someone out later in the day to make it right, something I am VERY appreciative of. The team came and were very efficient in getting the flue clean and did a great job with the video inspection making sure to take pictures and show me what was going on inside the flue. Afterwards, Hind called to check up on how it went.

Everyone is very polite and knowledgeable, and I really appreciated their customer service. I might end up getting potential repairs done through them as well!
Joseph Greenawalt
Joseph Greenawalt
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Priddy Clean did a great job relining our fireplace. They were on time, very polite, took extra care coming in and out of the house, worked tirelessly all day long and cleaned up before they left.

Great to work with and would definitely recommend - price was good as well.
Peter H.
Peter H.
Local Guide
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Very efficient, dog (and kid) friendly, even took the time to walk me thru their disassembly and cleaning (particularly the firebox blower unit, which had accumulated a lot of dust and dog hair). Swift, thorough, even educational!