High-Quality Gas Fireplaces in Columbia, MD

Gas Fireplaces in Columbia MD

Need help installing, maintaining, or converting your existing fireplace to a gas fireplace? Turn to Priddy Chimney Solutions! We’re experts in gas fireplaces, and our team can help you with various gas fireplace services. We’ve been helping homeowners in Columbia, Maryland, since 1982, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Why Choose a Gas Fireplace?

A gas fireplace is an excellent option for many homeowners. Priddy Chimney Solutions is proud to design, build, and install fireplaces for all needs. There are many benefits to gas fireplaces, including:

After choosing your desired unit, it takes about two to three weeks to build and install a brand-new fireplace. Our specialists will note where you’d like the fireplace installed before designing and building the mantle and hearth. Your fireplace surround can be constructed out of:

We will run electricity and gas lines to your new fireplace and install the firebox, glass doors, logs, lava rock, or glass, depending on your choices. Additionally, some models even have remote controls, and we can build ventilation pipes to vent fumes from your new fireplace.

Other Natural Gas Fireplace Services

Priddy Chimney Solutions has 40 years of experience with chimneys and fireplaces, and we’re experienced in other gas fireplace services that may fit your needs. These services include:

Priddy Chimney Solutions is here to help regardless of the service you need.

Let’s Get Started

Priddy Chimney Solutions is the top company to turn to for gas fireplaces in Columbia, MD. Our customer care is second to none, and we’ll ensure you’re completely satisfied with our services! Contact us to learn more today.