Entrust Us With Your Columbia, MD, Home’s Chimney Liner Repair

Home with a grey roof and chimney

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve had a fireplace in your Columbia, Maryland, home for years, you might not be aware that chimney liners can sometimes need repair. But the reality is that your chimney—including its liner—requires regular maintenance to ensure that it’s safe and functioning properly. So, if you’re not sure how to tell whether your home needs chimney liner repair, consider the following symptoms:

Chimney Draft Problems

Have you begun to notice that when you light a fire in your fireplace, the smoke doesn’t rise up and out of the chimney? If so, this could indicate a blockage within your chimney, preventing the smoke from exiting the way it should. And some blockages are too difficult to remove, requiring chimney liner repair or replacement to clear the airway.

Odor in Fireplace

Maybe you’ve noticed a smoky or sulfurous odor from your fireplace that won’t seem to go away. This can result from excessive creosote buildup and/or a reaction between the sulfur in smoke and moisture within the chimney. This reaction can corrode chimney liners, necessitating repair.

Broken Chimney Liner

A telltale sign that your chimney liner needs repair is if you’re seeing broken clay pieces in your firebox. Broken liner pieces indicate that your clay tile liner is actually breaking apart in your chimney, often due to exposure to corrosive smoke without regular cleanings.

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