Best Chimney Sweep Services in Chevy Chase

Multi-Level Chimney Safety Inspections

Failure to prevent creosote buildup in your chimney can cause fires. 

That’s why the National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys, fireplaces, and vents that are in frequent use be:

  • Annually inspected to help ensure the ventilation paths are clear and free of harmful deposits and blockages.
  • Compliance with clearance requirements.
  • Checks to ensure the chimney is structurally sound.

Priddy’s Chimney’s staff are experienced and certified professionals and will perform a thorough inspection of your fireplace or appliance flue for you.

If blockages or significant soot deposits are found inside your chimney flue, our experienced sweeps are equipped with the tools & training to clear the flue of any deposits to ensure a safe and clear ventilation path for your appliance or fireplace.

Chimney Cleaning by Certified Professionals

We perform a variety of chimney services including sweeps and cleanings. We’ll remove the flammable deposits such as soot and creosote from your chimney’s interior walls.

Our experienced sweeps are equipped with the tools and training to clear the flue of any deposits to ensure a safe and clear ventilation path for your appliance or fireplace.

We routinely clean the following:

  • Wood Burning Fireplace
  • Wood Stoves and Inserts
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Oil Furnace Flues
  • Gas Furnace Flues


Chevy Chase Masonry Contractor Services

The Best Brick and Masonry Contractor in Chevy Chase

Masonry is both a trade and an art. It involves more than just adhering block together using mortar: masonry is a mix of smart design, color matching, materials science, and the ability to repair bonded structures already in place. 

Priddy Chimney firmly believes masonry is the one trade that mixes physics and sculpture, strength and design.

We Take Pride in Our Chimney Repair & Rebuild Services

Many chimneys are covered with terra cotta clay tiles, stacked one on top of the other all the way from the foundation to the top of the chimney.

Over time, the clay tiles will weaken due to the acidic nature of the vented gases, extreme heat, absorption of moisture from rain and snow, and the shifting and settling of the house and foundation.

These compromised tiles will spall, crack and split, at which point they can no longer contain the gases and the flammable byproducts of combustion they are designed to vent.

With a new chimney liner installed by Priddy Chimney Solutions, you can restore the safety and efficiency of your chimney.

Gas Fireplace Repair and More

We have deep experience with clay brick, concrete block, and stone structures in historic and contemporary homes. Our repair expertise includes repointing (also known as “tuckpointing”) of deteriorated mortar joints, removal and replacement of cracked or distressed (sometimes called “spalling”) brick, as well as shelf angle and lintel replacement/restoration.

If it involves brick, block, or mortar, chances are we have project experience. Call us with your issues and let’s chat about the right masonry solution for you.

Quality Tuckpointing & Fireplace Mortar Repair

Tuckpointing involves using two different colors of mortar to fill in the joints of brickwork.

One color used for tuckpointing is created to match the actual bricks. This causes it to blend in and creates the appearance of seamlessness.

The second color is contrasted, and used for the actual appearance of mortar joints.

By placing the second color in between the brick-colored mortars it produces the illusion that joints are very fine instead of appearing thick.

Fireplace Design & Build

A fireplace can set the tone for the whole aesthetic and style of a room by acting as a focal point. Rough brick or stone can give the space a rustic feel, while smooth tile can be used to set a modern tone.

Whatever your personal style, Priddy can work with you to design a solution that fits your living environment.

We do the following:

  • Design Fireplace Mantels and Built-Ins
  • Install Fireplace Glass Doors
  • Installation of New Factory-Built Fireplaces 
  • Conversion of wood burning fireplaces to gas
  • Wood burning fireplace insert upgrades
  • …and More!

Looking for Air Duct Cleaning Service Near Me?

Best Air Duct Cleaning Chevy Chase

Do you have floor-level return vents allowing dirt and dust to be pulled into your heating and air conditioning ducts? Do you own shedding pets? Have you recently finished major construction or renovations? All are excellent reasons for you to consider having your ducts cleaned.

Our cleaning process draws dirt and other contaminants out of your heating and cooling system using a vacuum assembly. Once a directional vacuum is established within the ducts, our technicians remove each register and use an assortment of attachments to agitate and loosen the contaminants inside the air ducts, which then flow into the vacuum assembly. Finally, the last step of our cleaning process is the application of a sanitizing deodorant in each of the main duct runs. This cleaning will result in your home’s indoor air not only being fresher but also healthier for your family.

Priddy also services large-scale commercial duct systems, including multi-unit condominiums, garage venting, restaurant hood, and other complex systems.

Top Rated Dryer Vent Cleaning Chevy Chase

Having a clean dryer vent improves the safety and efficiency of dryer installations. Dryer vents get filled with lint and other debris over time.

This increases drying time which, in turn, can cause the dryer to overheat. Best practice is to have dryer vents cleaned and inspected periodically to avoid exhaust restrictions.

Our Certified Dryer and Exhaust Vent technicians use equipment designed specifically to tackle both simple and complex dryer vent systems. The technicians remove lint as well as remedy blockages caused by animal nesting and collapsed ducts.

Your #1 Provider for Chimney Services in Chevy Chase

Priddy services include routine maintenance as well as emergency repairs. If you’re looking for someone to consult with you on  solving complex draft, leak, or masonry issues, call us for a for a honest, non-technical discussion around a solution. 

Regardless of whether you use your fireplace routinely or only on special occasions, Priddy Chimney Solutions will make sure that your family can safely enjoy its warmth.

A family-owned, and female-led company, we’ve been serving the needs of residential and commercial customers in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia metropolitan area since 1982 and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, every time.

Customer Reviews

Jerry Watkins
Jerry Watkins
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Today, Priddy Clean Chimney Services came to do a chimney cleaning. In 2011, they installed a stainless steel liner in our chimney and we hadn't a cleaning since then. They showed up on time and did a great job. The chimney liner didn't have much of a build-up and there was no creosote. The found a piece of flashing around the chimney basethat had come loose on the roof, secured and sealed it for no additional charge. Andrey was the primary person I spoke with and was very knowledgeable. I couldn't be be more with this kind of service.
Cyrus B
Cyrus B
Local Guide
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Highly recommend. The lady I originally spoke to when setting the appointment (Hind) called me afterwards to check on why the inspector and I weren’t able to connect. After explaining the situation she offered to send someone out later in the day to make it right, something I am VERY appreciative of. The team came and were very efficient in getting the flue clean and did a great job with the video inspection making sure to take pictures and show me what was going on inside the flue. Afterwards, Hind called to check up on how it went. Everyone is very polite and knowledgeable, and I really appreciated their customer service. I might end up getting potential repairs done through them as well!
Joseph Greenawalt
Joseph Greenawalt
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Priddy Clean did a great job relining our fireplace. They were on time, very polite, took extra care coming in and out of the house, worked tirelessly all day long and cleaned up before they left. Great to work with and would definitely recommend - price was good as well.
Peter H.
Peter H.
Local Guide
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Very efficient, dog (and kid) friendly, even took the time to walk me thru their disassembly and cleaning (particularly the firebox blower unit, which had accumulated a lot of dust and dog hair). Swift, thorough, even educational!