Regular Chimney Inspections Keep Your Annapolis, MD, Home Safe

Brick chimney on a house with a black roof

Having annual chimney inspections is critical for the safety of your home and the function of your fireplace. If you’re buying a new house, need experts to troubleshoot your chimney issues, or are just looking for a regular maintenance crew for inspections, Priddy Chimney Solutions has you covered. We’re the go-to chimney crew serving Annapolis, Maryland.

Why Partner With Us?

Priddy Chimney Solutions is a family-owned business committed to delivering Annapolis area homeowners the best chimney inspections and cleanings. Our goal is to make sure your chimney is in working order, inspect it for any issues, and ensure that it functions as intended for optimal safety. Our highly skilled team has years of experience inspecting chimneys, and they can diagnose even the trickiest of chimney issues with a thorough inspection.

The Chimney Inspection Process

Our experts will discuss any concerns you might be having before performing a comprehensive evaluation of your fireplace, flue, and masonry to identify any problems or code compliance issues. After your chimney inspection, we will give you an inspection report and the next steps we recommend to get your chimney in top condition (or provide a report that confirms your chimney is functioning perfectly). To be as prepared as possible, our chimney inspectors also bring the necessary cleaning tools in case they identify a blockage in your chimney during the inspection. We want to leave you with a safe, functional chimney!

Contact Our Team

Priddy Chimney Solutions is the trusted company performing chimney inspections and repairs in the Annapolis, MD, area. We’ve been in business since 1982, and our chimney sweeps are expertly trained to deliver the best possible service to your home. Reach out to find out why Annapolis homeowners rely on us for their chimney services!